Image Description

Ode to my Linda Jenetti Painting

By Rosemary Molesworth

Violet mountains beckon
beyond umber hills
echoing with songs
that release sorrow

climbing over stress
to float
in soaring clouds
yellow white

tinged with lavender
faint glow of sunset
or sunrise
dusky with the intent of rain

solid dark forests
brooding in the valley
persimmon touches hint
at distant flowers

deep bluish stream meandering
back to the woods and hills
full of strength and might
for puny humans to explore

some believe in the unknown
the unknowable
feelings that are there
pinkish on the edge of sense

wisps of ideas
fragments of thoughts
blue and unreal

this black behind your eyes
blank rectangle of tiredness
creating distorted views
of people and places

your emptiness speaks
to the void in us
with echoes of nothingness
and the possibility of great things.


As creative people we get inspiration from many different places, and are always on the lookout for ideas that lead in new directions. Sometimes creative impulses sneak up on us unawares. Cross-pollination also enlivens creativity leading us to find meaning in other forms of art.

Last year at this time I was very much involved in paintings based on musical inspiration. In my painting titled La Primavera I was inspired by a work of the renaissance painter Botticelli, and a piece of music by Respighi based on his response to the painting. My painting used both artistic forms as jumping off points.

Rosemary Molesworth, one of my poetic friends, has used my small painting as inspiration to write a poem. It is with pleasure that I include both the poem and the image that lead to the poem's creation.

An ode is a poetic form that celebrates an object or a person. In this instance, a painting inspired a poem. I hope in turn to use Rosemary's poem to lead me back to more paintings based on her inspiring words.

Thanks Rosemary